ONE DIRECTION PREFERENCE || You and his siblings


You and Gemma went on holiday to Spain.


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You visited Greg, Denise and Theo and staied for a while.


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You suprised Liam on tour with his sisters.


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You were invited to Zayn’s mum bdday.


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Lottie and Felicity visited you in your hometown.


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When I first realised that Regina George is played by Rachel McAdams

who usually takes on the role of warm, charming woman as in

The Notebook

The Vow

About Time

 I was like 

there’s my friend who looks like gomez

Ashton || Imagine || First Meet


"Are you alright?" my friend asked me. I was freezing but I was not going to leave, not until I meet them. " A bit cold but it’s fine" I grinned to her and I hugged myself to keep me warm. Suddenly everyone started to scream. I knew exactly what it meant. I grabbed my friends wrist and pushed through the crowd. Fortunately there were not many girls, so it wasn’t that hard. I didn’t want to act weird, like a freak, so I stood on the side, but in the place where the boys could see me. My eyes followed Ashton, he was so cute that I wanted to run to him and hug him, but I had to stop myself from doing it. Suddenly our eyes met. He smiled and I saw his marvelous dimples. He waved to me, but I was in shock and did not even move or wink. My friend grabbed my hand and waved it for me. He signed a few things and headed our way. I almost burst with delight, but I had to keep calm, without exaggeration, but I could not behave like an idiot. " Hi there girls" he smiled charmingly. I was still speechless, so my friend greeted him then he signed her shirt " Okay, I will go and find the rest of the boys. Be careful Ashton, she’s crazy about you!" she giggled and left.  I blushed and rolled my eyes. " Sorry for her" I grinned slightly. " It’s okay, you are adorable" I giggled nervously. " Can I have a hug, please?" I opened my arms and started to feel more comfortable. "Sure" he hugged me and it was amazing.  I did not want to break the embrace. We talked and laughed for quite a long time, he signed my stuff and unfortunately it was time for him to go. " Ugh (Y/N)" he scratched the back of his head " Can I have your number, please? I would like to see you again" he smiled again and DAMN. THESE. FUCKING. DIMPLES. "Sure" my heart beat milion times for a second, I was so excited and happy and I was about to cry but I had to act cool. " I’ll text you at 10 today, okay?" he asked when I handed him his phone back. " Okay, sure" I smiled and blushed again so I lowered my glance. He grabbed my chin and lifted my head up. We looked at each other for quite a while then he kissed my cheek " Hope to see you tomorrow" he winked at me " Me too".

I’ll also post 5SOS imagines/preferences from now for fans :) Hope you will like it x

:Becoming Niall’s wife

I am sorry I am writing imagines about Harry and Niall only but the rest is taken and I feel bad by writing it, you know haha

Anonymous says: Luke is gonna win its inevitable

I posted part three yesterday, and you’re right, luke won :)


PT 1, PT2

A/N: Okay guys you voted and you’ll see now who has won. Enjoy! 

I was walking around LA, actually, I was shopping to distract thoughts from all the madness. I was in the changing room when my phone rang. I looked for it in a pile of clothes, and when I finally found it, it stopped calling. * 1 Missed Call from Nialler*. I dialed his number and pressed the phone to my ear. He picked up after three signals. ” What’s up?”  I asked and looke at myself in the mirror, thinking whether the clothes suit me or not. ” When are you coming back?” I shrugged even though he did not see me. ” I don’t know” I turned around to look how it looks on the back ” I want to make it to the rehearsal, but I’m not sure, because there are a lot of nice clothes”. Niall giggled like a little girl. ” Okay, did you eat anything?” I laughed a bit. ” No daddy, I didn’t”. As soon as I said it, I heard a voice in the background. ” I don’t know if she wants to”  I heard Niall says, however, not directly to the phone. “(Y/N) hi” it was Harry, I haven’t spoken to him since the “bathroom thing”.  ” Hello”  I said enthusiastically , pretending that nothing had happened . ” Can we meet now?” he said nervously. ” I will try to be there in an hour, so wait for me”


"(Y/N)!" I heard a familiar voice behind my back. When I turned around, Luke stood in front of me with a gentle smile on his face. Great, I was going to talk to Harry and Luke suddenly appeared on my way. " Are you alright?" he asked softly. I nodded and smiled. " I-I heard about Harry" he lowered his glance and looked at his shoes. I was surprised at how quickly people found out about it. " Cheer up" I poked his arm. " Can we meet up after concert?" I asked, he smiled slightly and nodded his head. " Today, I’ll take you out and we’ll go get something to eat, okay?" he looked at me with his lovely, blue eyes and I could not refuse him. " Okay. I’ll get going, see you later" I kissed his cheek and went towards my room to leave my shopping bags  and then I went to talk to Harry…

"Why him not me?" he stood up and walked to the window, grabbing his head. I got up, walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "I like him and want to get to know him and you.. I love you as hell, but not in this way. You’re very important to me andit will not change. I won’t let you leave, never ever. If you say in a minute that you don’t want to spend anymore time with me, I won’t go, I’ll stay here for as long as we will be fine again and " tear ran down my cheek.

Thought about Harry leaving me was terrible, I couldn’t stand it.  ” I would never let you go ” he turned around and hugged me as tight as he could and by that time I knew that everything will be alright. ” Best friends for life?” I looked up at him with a smile like a little girl. ” For life” he smiled back and tightened the embrace. 


"Are you ready to go?" Luke smiled at me after the whole concert. Both bands did great job as always. "I am" I hugged him around his waist. " Have fun babies" Niall walked past us.  We both laughed. Then Harry walked into the room. I was quite scared, he knew about everything but it was terribly awkward. "Have fun" he smiled charmingly, tapped Luke’s arm, I smiled back and hugged him. " You’re the best" I whispered into his ear.


" You look amazing" Luke pulled a chair for me to sit on it. We walked for an hour, it was already quite late, but I felt safe with him. We found a cozy eatery, opened for 24 hours, despite the late hour, we ordered something to eat. We talked all the time. After another hour and half we decided to go back. " Oh my god" the cold air hit my skin when I walked out of the eatery. I hugged myself. " Here" Luke unzipped his hoodie " No, no, I am fine" I shook my head. He laughed sweetly and put his hoodie over my shoulders. " Thank you" I kissed his cheek. I grabbed his hand when we started to go. "I like that" he squeezed my hand. He walked me to my door. " I had a great time, thank you" I bit my lip. " me too" he said so quietly then grabbed my face. He rubbed my cheek with his thumb and looked at me questioningly, as if waiting for an invitation to my lips. I couldn’t resist it and kissed him first.

It was amazing, even better than before. I felt butterflies in my stomach, it actually is quite a nice feeling . I wanted to experience it more often.

there is 19 votes for one boy and 22 for another boy. I will add part 3 today.